JV Salon & Barbershop


Our client was looking for a sophisticated update to her existing salon logo. She sent over a moodboard filled with script fonts and elegant line details.


Our team created a logo with feminine details, geometric elements, and a boho feel. We tapped into a neutral color palette that is impactful in its simplicity.


Then, our team carried over the design elements from the logo into her newly updated website. We pared down the amount of content on her site and organized the pages in order to portray a neutral minimalist feel.


From there, we utilized the same logo with a few additions to instantly brand her new location that includes a barber shop.


Brand Identity Design, Web Design, SEO, UI / UX

Completed Homepage

Completed Team Page

Client Moodboard Compilation

Neutral Minimalist Logo

Striking Sans Serif and Feminine Script

Impactful Business Cards

Adaptable Logo System Design


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