The Niva Labs

Unearthing a greater understanding of the whole cannabis plant through research.


The Niva Labs is a team of experienced scientists from cannabis testing, biotech/pharma, materials science, and environmental research backgrounds. The company leadership is comprised of accomplished patent holders and published researchers from top academic institutions.

The business is grounded by a collective insistence on the highest quality, fundamentally sound science. This value will be focused in contributing to the nascent field of cannabis science.


Brand Identity Design

Cannabis plant background with The Niva Labs logo: Next Level Cannabis Testing and Research. Cannabis insights to protect and empower our clients.
Branding and Logo Process for Cannabis Testing Lab The Niva Labs

Our Approach

Build a visual brand identity that effectively represents a data and research led organization while still staying true to the soul of cannabis.

How do we position?

the science and art of cannabis

Blue Niva logo on white background and White Niva Logo on blue background.
Primary Logo, Icon, and Wordmark for Cannabis Testing Lab, The Niva Labs.
Primary Logo with Gradient, Single Color, Black and White Color
Brand Colors for The Niva Labs: Shades of Blue
Brand Fonts: Gotham, Aleo, and Lato
The Niva Labs logo and cannabis plant on printed marketing collateral
Web design landing page mockup for The Niva Labs.
Responsive design shown on an iPad